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Jeremy Jones
Research essay Edward Snowden is influential in many different ways. Although some people might hate him very much for leaking confidential information, others like him very much and think that he did the right thing by leaking information that the nsa was spying on people, violating their right of privacy. He influenced many people to speak out about how their rights were being violated and to speak out and tell the government about its wrongdoings. For example many people did not know the extent as to which the NSA was violating its citizens rights until after Snowden leaked this information to the public.
This was an international issue because the NSA was also spying on other countries. (
Edward Snowden is extremely influential as a person in my community as well as others in the USA. The reason that edwards Snowden was extremely influential is because he informed people on how their rights were being violated. People were unaware of these unethical actions being performed on our country, as well as others, by the NSA. Once
Edward Snowden leaked this vital information people became aware of what the NSA was really doing many people were outraged by this. Snowden caused Nationwide impact on the people of the USA from his actions but now he is seen as someone who committed treason on his country. There is many people who believe him and that he is

a hero. The government is not happy at all with Edward snowdens actions. They all say that it is an act of treason and they now want him to get turned over by the country he is taking safehaven in which is Russia. The US is trying to get him extradited ( Smith).
John Cassidy also thinks that edward snowden is a hero. He says .” In revealing the colossal scale of the U.S. government’s eavesdropping on Americans and other people around the world, he has performed a great public service that more than outweighs any breach of trust he may have committed.” (Cassidy). Edward Snowden is a very influential person that changed the beliefs of many.
Edward Snowden is an extremely influential person in this world. He has made it onto many websites including, Time magazine's most influential people of the year ,for being extremely influential. The issue of whether Edward Snowden is either a hero or a traitor is see different in the eyes of many but this person obviously sees him as a hero.
He says, “ According to the government and particularly the Obama administration has released classified information that jeopardize our national security. How is this possible? Snowden as reported by Glenn Greenwald who broke the initial Snowden story told reporters that, "Snowden spent months meticulously studying every document." As Snowden planned to release the information he realized what the people needed to say and what would actually jeopardize national security such as U.S. military plans or any secret conversations. The leaks mainly tell us that the government without any court warrants seized phone logs of millions of Americans without authority to do so, and that the NSA tracks user data from large sites.

Not only is this illegal, but it serves no purpose other than to benefit military contractors. Snowden recently stated that, "these programs don't make us more safe.
They hurt our economy. They hurt our country. They limit our ability to speak, think, live, and to be creative."
( Raphael)
Next, another reason that Edward Snowden is the most influential person in the world is his bravery. Edward Snowden had to be very brave in order to risk his entire career which was a high paying job, all for the sake of the American people. This was a very dramatic act by him and must have been very hard for him to do as well as hard for his family to wake up and have him gone. Edward Snowden is an extremely selfless person therefore making him more influential into the eyes of others. He