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What gives human life meaning? How do you know?
What gives human life meaning is our purpose for being here on earth. This to me ties to my belief that we are all put here to serve an ultimate purpose designed by GOD. According to Rick Warren in the book Purpose driven life, God created each of us for a purpose. That purpose is different for each person. We must seek God in order to find that purpose.

How should one act in the world once one realizes this meaning?
Once you have determined your purpose you should carry out that purpose in a Christ like fashion. With love for your neighbor, helping and creating equality for all people. Spreading the gospel in the purpose of God.

Connect your ideas on the essential meaning of life to the views of at least one philosopher.
My idea is that we “exist” for a purpose is more in line with Philosopher Immanuel Kant. Kant states that “exist” are not your ordinary predicate (Mosser, 2010). Kant gives examples of someone giving ordinary answers for things that they see when the point is that the person or object only exists. Everything has a cause.

What value does philosophy have?
Philosophy has plays an important role in the way we think. It’s a good way to challenge your thoughts to affirm if you believe what you really believe. This class has challenged the way I think and has forced me to evaluate what I believe and to affirm if what I believe is what I can prove. It has been one of the toughest classes I’ve taken.

How can people benefit from thinking more philosophically?
I think people