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Grace Jones
Sociology in a Global Perspective | SOC110 A02
Pamella Robinson

Assignment 2: The Application Paper

Multiculturalism to me in my own words would be the cultural differences between communities within certain societies along with the policies that promote them. An example of this is would be the United States of America. Unfortunately, there are many who wish for it to not be this way. To help understand multiculturalism the three sociological perspectives, social conflict, structural functioning and symbolic interactions can be used. Known as the melting pot of the world, America is full of cultural differences. Multiple ethnicities in one community gathering together and fellowshipping with one another. Not too many countries allow so many different cultures and ways of life to mingle within their own. Although there are still those who would rather it not be so, cultural differences are welcomed and accepted, and in some cases tolerated, by many. An example of a policy would be the civil rights movement connecting different races to come together. Unfortunately, there are still many that are opposed to the easy acceptance. Whether it be bigoted beliefs or a stubbornness in following their own traditions there will always be those who wish to go against the grain simply because they disagree. Again unlike most countries America gives the freedom of speech to all under its rule. That mixed with the fixed opinions of certain others that don’t agree with cultural differences coming together, it can turn offensive and closed-minded. Using the three sociological perspectives it can be