Jordan and Terror Naitonal Cohesion Essay example

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Security challenges and the democractic agenda: a minefield * Iraq has ruined the image of Western help/interference in the area * Disrupting national and social cohesion, ignoring the fragility of Arab states, and mocking territorial integrity seem to be things that come to mind with Western interference in the area now * Societies now glorify revolution leaders who resisted foreign schemes at diving their country like Syria, Iraq, Algeria, etc * To this day a large part of the rejection of foreign interference is out of fear of being ‘treasonized’ like has happened in Syria * War on Terror creates a fear and hatred of the Western world as well as Special Ops Forces conduct attacks against al-Qaeda and other militans anywhere in the world including countries not at war with (Syria,Pakistan,etc) * Many of these governments have been persuaded however, to work with the US for security and intelligence in the name of the war on terror
Naitonal Cohesion and the Integrity of the State * National unity is imperative to the stae as many people saw with the destruction of Iraq it has affected the neighboring states as well
Which Democracy? * Even when Arab states generally agree they want democracy or are thining about it, which one are they supposed to choose? * British have no clear separation of powers while the US deems them indispensible, Poland and Ireland have no separation of Church and State whereas France views the separation a prerequisite for starting the process of separating the private and public spheres * Islamists guarantee natural the welfare of the community and the role of solidarity networks as the primary guarantors of a peaceful society, and the role of women as the guardians of family values, social stability, and cultural identity * Many Islamists believe they have an alternative model of democracy to offer * Nationalists make up the sovereignty, independence, and integrity of