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American Revolution

During the 18th century thirteen colonies united in their resistance to Britain an went to war to declare freedom from the British empire.Few years later American's aim was achieved and America gained independece from Britain forming a new nation, United States of America.

The revolution of the colonist against England started for an important fact in the American Revolution, the “no taxtation without representation” slogan originating during the 1750s. As Americans were not representede by the British they were not dispose to pay taxes established by them. Parliamentary taxation was undoubtedly one of the greatest factors inspiring the American public to rebel in the years leading up to the American Revolution and which also lead to the Stam Act in March 1765, which was the first tax that affected directly to colonist as it was levied on goods and sevices.This Act stated that persons of almost any profession were obliged to buy stamps for their documents. In other words, the act imposed a tax on every printed document in the colonies. Months later, on May 1765 when the word Stamp Act reached the colonist, colonist united in their defiance creating the Stamp Act Protest. In this act shokeepers, artisans, and laborer orginez secret resistance groups to protest against Britain. Another important even that lead to the American Revolution which was presenting as a British attack n defenseless citizens. The Boston Massacre was in March 5, 1770, which left five civilian men death includong Samuel Adams, one of the most effective radicals in America. That evening a mob gathered in front of the customhouse and taunted the guards. As the colonists’ tempers rose, it only got worse when the British started the new Tea Act. This act states that the British East India Tea Company can sell their tea free of tax to the colonies, which forces the colonial merchants to pay. This also cuts colonial merchants out of the tea trade. The Americans’ main complaint to Britain was that they were being taxed but had no representation in Parliament. Events as the Committees of Correspondece, Olive Branch Petition, Battle of Saratoga, and the Treaty of Paris contibruted to the enmities and conflicts between colonists and Britain. Marquis de Lafayette, a foreing military men joined to Washington's stuff and bore the misery of Valley Forge and which led to a momand in Virginia in the last years of the war. On October 19 Lafayette and Washington troops accepted the British surrender but with Lafayette's plan they gain the victory at Yorktown making the British troops laid down their arms.

After all conflicts, fightings, and even seeing people die, Thomas Jefferson, a Virginia lawyer, wrote a document called the Declaration of Independece. The Declaration of Independence basically said that the government has certainresponsibilities to those being governed, and that the British government was not adhering to its responsibilities to its citizens in the colonies. So the colonists had the right to leave and form a government that would adhere to its responsibilities. As an only purpose of the Declaration of Independence was to announce the colonies separation from England. It also stated the principles that were the foundation for seeking independence. The Declaration of Independece had three main parts, "Preamble" or Introduction which boils down to "it is right and necessary for us to separate from Britain in order to preserve our God-given rights, and we are now going to tell the whole world the things that have happened that justify it". List of grievances, divided into three sets (a total of 26 of them in the final version) which is a list of the various actions by Parliament and (especially) the King against American rights, justifying this