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Joseph Gonzalez
Philosophy 108
June 11, 2014
Living alongside with Torture

An Ethical and Moral dilemma that has developed in modern day society is the idea behind the interrogation tactics used by our armed forces which is also known as torture. To many individuals, this idea is thought to have many different perspectives, both negative and positive according to ones moral capacity. In my opinion, this idea behind torture is acceptable only in the sense of using this idea to protect and positively benefit more than one person’s lives.
Immanuel Kant’s position towards ethics differs slightly because of his moral ideas. Immanuel Kant views that humans do good because it is good according to their personal beliefs. Also, an individual is good or bad depending on their motivation of their decisions in conjunction with their moral consequences. Another perspective of Immanuel Kant’s personal beliefs is that people do not do things to make them happy, but they do it because it is required by moral duty. In addition people who feel obligated to act morally rationalize their actions to act the good way even if their decisions lead to bad consequences. Immanuel Kant’s perspective against the topic of Torture would simply be that he does not believe the idea of torture is wrong but that theoretically it is acting morally because the idea behind torture is not for someone’s personal gain. However, according to Christian beliefs because their lord was tortured, they feel that torture is not acceptable because it involves in harming others. Immanuel would argue that, if one believes that the “highest good is a possible state of affairs, only if [one believed] in immorality and god. Immanuel feels that people