Joseph J. Ellis Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

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A Review on Joseph J. Ellis: Founding Brothers The Revolutionary Generation In the book Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation, Ellis points out crucial moments that took place during post-revolutionary America and the founding father’s own personal life’s. Joseph J. Ellis examines the influence the disordered time in which they lived on created among the founding fathers .Founding Brothers, is organized into seven sections. Among these seven sections, Ellis helps us understand what our founding fathers went through and how history has helped us understand.
The Generation In this section, Ellis provides the reader a foresight of what the book will contain, a strategy used to keep the reader’s attention. Ellis gives the reader an
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In the year 1790, a Quaker delegation and Benjamin Franklin demanded the House of Representatives to help bring an end to slavery trade. Ellis paints the picture of how the South and the North representatives could not compromise on the abolishing of the slavery trade. Ellis concludes that the inability to compromise painted the perfect picture that this topic was extremely hard and sensitive.
The Farewell In this chapter, Ellis talks about a retirement from the presidency, George Washington’s. Ellis believes that George Washington’s retirement was not a sign of failure; it was a sign of strength, courage and foresight. Ellis also notes other factors that led Washington to make that decision. Some of them were, Washington’s failing health and his hatred for press criticism. Ellis concludes the chapter by pointing key points on Washington’s Farewell Address.
The Collaborators Ellis now talks about the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Ellis explains how these two men were friends and worked together during the Revolution. In the

election of 1796, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were now rivals, both competing for the