Cold War Video Worksheet

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Marshall Plan:
Berlin Airlift: 277000 flights bringing 2.3tons of supplise
Truman Doctrine: US needs to support those who resist communism
Fidel Castro: Cuba- open communist
McCarthyism: attacks on suspected communists
“Ich bin ein Berliner”: i support west germany
Iron Curtain: The close off of information leaving the communist
Eisenhower Doctrine: Defend anyone under attack by communists
Nikita Khrushchev: soviet in charge, head of the negotiation in the missile crisis
Cold War - defined: A political tension between the US and the Soviet Union
HUAC: House Un-American Activities Committee, investigated communist influence and propaganda in movies.
Harry Truman:
The Hollywood Ten: The ten called to testify, but refused and thrown in jail
Berlin Blockade:
“The Forgotten War”
Alger Hiss: accused of spying- sent to jail for perjury
38th Parallel: Division line separating North Korea from South Korea
Whittaker Chambers:
Landing at Inchon
September 23, 1949 : Truman says that the Soviet Union has exploded their first nuclear bomb
Douglas MacArthur
Duck and Cover: Used to protect oneself from A-Bomb, Government issued to make people feel safe
Chang Kai-shek