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Joseph Stalin and The Russian Revolution

1. Joseph Stalin once attended a ballet performance, and at the intermission he went to a prison. He shot former loyalists in the head, and then came back to the ballet for the second act.
2. Another interesting fact about Stalin was when he died his family members and bodyguards were too afraid to knock on the door. They thought they might have gotten in trouble if they did enter the room.
3. Stalin was said to have killed from three to sixty million people.
4. Stalin was only 5’5” tall. They shot pictures slightly below him to give him a more taller and powerful appearance.
5. Stalin was being trained to become a priest, but was kicked out because he was speaking of rebellion.
6. Stalin’s second wife committed suicide after a public telling off from Stalin.
7. Joseph Stalin tried to create genetically made ape-men to fight for his army.
8. When Stalin was a child he got smallpox, and cruel children called him “pocky”.
9. Stalin played a wicked prank on his guards once. He told them to not enter the room even if he is pain or dying. He pretended to scream his guards came in worried, and Stalin ordered them to be executed for not following orders.
10. Stalin was arrested and exiled to Siberia eight times and escaped seven times.

1. The Revolution was not a big organized event. It was two separate revolutions that occurred in October and February.
2. Before the revolution in 1905 a crowd demonstrating against the…