Josephine Baker Research Paper

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“If an orchid could sizzle, it would be something like Josephine Baker” -L.A Examiner

Josephine Baker was an american born french entertainer, french resistance agent and civil right advocate. Her inventive method of dance shocked her audience with her creative costumes made unique ideas like feathers and bananas. Being french resistance agent and a civil right advocate, Baker tried to make a difference outside the dance community. She adopted many children, dancing in paris and sung in different productions and had a great life outside of performing. Baker performed all the way up to her death in 1975. Josephine took up dancing in street performances and then tour the U.S in 1919.While on tour, she performed dance skits with Jones Family Band and The Dixie Steppers. 2 years later, Josephine married Willie Baker, keeping his name for the rest of her life even after their divorce. In 1923, Baker was casted for a role in Shuffle Along, an all black
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She saw and lived through racial riots in St. Louis. When Baker became older, she moved to paris because of the racial encounters she went through. But In 1936, Josephine returned to the U.S to perform in Ziegifield Follies hoping to be accepted by the american audience. However, the opposite occurred. Baker was met with forms of racism and traveled back to France. Soon after, she married a French industrialist named Jean Lion. Years later, Josephine returned again to the United States to show support to the Civil Rights Movement. She participated in boycotting segregated clubs and musical venues. In 1963, Baker engaged in the March on Washington alongside Martin Luther King Jr. She was apart of the many notable speakers for that event. In recognition of her efforts, the NAACP named May 20th “Josephine Baker