Essay on Josh: Construction and Free World

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Jossely Mejia September 22, 2014
Composition I Prof. Josaphat
“Successful Skipper”
It was fairly easy going at first, and my mind drifted off quickly. I found myself thinking about how my mom had always told me to never let my friends convince me to skip or thinking about being caught by the authorities I had been led to believe were supposed to be catching me. When my friends talked about their adventures, going to the mall, the park, the pool or even a friend’s house. I could tell by the excitement I heard in their voice they were going to try to convince me to skip school with them. “Lets go to my pool, it has an amazing waterfall’ Maria said, one of my closest friend. It took them awhile, but finally I gave up and I was like “why not?”
As we stood in front of a tall all black steel door leading to an opening to the free world. I was astonished. The door was so hard to push open, it was like the wind was saying NO STAY IN SCHOOL until we finally gave it our all and open the steel door. Finally we were outside of our middle school building and into our long and wide football field. I felt my jaw tightened and my stomach turn, as I was getting ready to run across the green field and into the free world. I couldn’t help feeling a bit uneasy. With that I locked my feelings inside, for there was no turning back.
I could feel my legs start to ache, as the construction site became a steep incline. There was no path to lead us straight to Maria’s complex, so we cut through a construction site following a bulldozer trail when possible. If not we’ll sink in the sticky dirt, taking it forever to take out your foot one by one like a huge ogre trying to scare a little boy with his hands up in the air.
Finally, we reached a busy road, named Flager Street. Sooner than we thought we reached our final destination, a complex named The Miltons. Walking through the complex, I was amaze because I faced two shiny silver buildings just like the twin towers, but our devious interest was the pool. I watched the clock carefully, marking off in my head where in school day I was supposed to be. Perusing the large round pool, I couldn’t help but keep staring at the waterfall, because it was like I was looking at a waterfall from the woods. Splashing down such a beautiful sky blue color and the grass surrounding the edges and background of the pool. Full speed, I put my phone, book bag and just rushed to jump inside the pool with my uniform on. One awful thing I didn’t do was touch the water to feel if it was cold or warm, only because as soon as my body touched the water, I felt my whole body become numb as if you were jumping into a bucket of ice.
After that, we tossed five dollars each for two slices of the cheapest, greasiest…