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Chapter 6: Gym programs
1. Explain the differing types of resistance equipment.
Free weights and machine systems providing dynamic constant resistance
Machine systems providing dynamic variable resistance
Equipment that provides dynamic progressive variable resistance
Machine systems providing dynamic constant angular velocity
Isometric training using static resistance
2. Which type of resistance equipment may be referred to as double positive?
Circuit training is the type of resistance equipment that is referred to as double positive
3. Which equipment would be best suited to:
a) muscular hypertrophy?
The squat and the deadlift, as they use pretty much every muscle in your body. Other compound exercises that are good to include are the power clean, bench press, shoulder press, pull-ups, and dips.

b) rehabilitation? Things for rehabilitation are machines and bosu balls
c) sports performance?
Things for sports performance are Dumbbells, barbells, weight machines and bosu balls

4. How would the fitness instructor progress the following exercises:
a) Bench press?
Lay on the bench, make sure is flat on the bench if not tell them to put their legs up on the bench so their back doesn’t arch.
b) Squat?
Squat under the bar, pick up the bar, back into the squatting position and squat until their knees get into a 90 degree position and back to the starting position
c) Standing lateral raise?
Slightly flex elbows, raise dumbbells into a lateral arc, and raise dumbbells to shoulder