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Looking into the future of warfare, all the advances in technology may even replace the need of soldiers in the battlefield with drones and robots thus possibly replacing MAN in the battlefield itself. Context when Your slide comes:
Changes in the nature of warfare profoundly shape both the manner in which the state is organized and the law itself. We Are now indroducing robots/drones into warfare thus possibly limiting the amount of caualties in war.
These drones range in size from tiny eight­pound robots to the world’s current biggest robot, a 700­ton robotic dump truck capable of hauling
240 tons of earth at a time,which also served as the model for the character Long
Haul in the Transformers series. But even they are just the start. As one robotics executive put it at a demonstration of new military prototypes, “The robots you are seeing here today I like to think of as the Model T. These are not what you are going to see when they are actually deployed in the field. We are seeing the first stages of this technology” So be well prepared... Quote 1: “The scientific manufacture of life, the proliferation of drones,and increasing opportunity of cyber­siege are just the tip of the iceberg. The evolution of surveillance technologies,space weapons, and autonomous unmanned systems of all sorts are also transforming warfare.” ­ THOMAS E. RICKS

Drones allow us to assassinate individuals litterally a world away by remote control and they are proliferating in unexpected ways.
New technologies have also democratized mass violence, enabling