Josh's Drug Past Essay

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"Josh's Story" The name of the article is "Josh's Story". The author is a recovering addict named Josh, there was no last name provided. is the website that I got the article from. No date was provided. No date of this incident was recorded. Josh was a "normal marine corps kid who moved around a lot, but had a normal childhood" he describes. When he entered high school things began to change for Josh. He tired his hardest to fit in and make friends with the "cool kids" and ended up hanging with the wrong crew. Soon after becoming friends with this crew, Josh began partying and using drugs. Alcohol, weed, taking acid, and mushrooms were his choice of drugs. His parents tired setting restrictions, but that didn't stop Josh. Josh wasn't able to hold a job down past three months and began stealing money from his parents to help support his habit. His parents began drug testing him, but he would carry around someone else's clean urine just in case he was tested. He soon after met a girl and started dating her, she introduced him to cocaine. Josh began losing weight and having bloody noses which his parents questioned him about, but he just kept denying his drug use. After all the questioning Josh finally gave in two weeks later and left for rehab. Three years after getting out he began to drink and smoke coke again. He left his parents’ home and began staying in other people's homes and selling drugs to support his habit. He stopped using cocaine and began using pills because he thought it was a better choice for him, he was wrong. Josh states that his pill addiction got really bad. After a while he stopped using the pills and began using heroin because he ran out of pills to get high off of. Six months after his first shot of heroin he kept using. One day his drug dealer got busted and Josh took a trip to a hospital, the hospital gave him a Clonidine patch which he said worked for about 6 days, but after the seventh day he woke up feeling horrible. Soon the drugs re-entered his life again and he started dating a party girl from his job and his life continued to go downhill. His wake up call came on December 17th, 2002 when police came knocking on his door with a warrant for his arrest. After being in jail and having a baby on the way Josh became scared and started seeking for help. Josh checked himself in a 4 month