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Joshua Connaught
English 9r
21 December 2014
Text Based Claim Essay
The story by Hemingway named “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber “shows many claims that can be proven through the many details presented in the story.Fransis Macomber in the story is called a coward after the incident with a lion.Fransis was shooting the lion and only wounded it. The lion ended up running into some tall grass.Fransis and his colleagues went after the lion, and it ended up charging at the men. But instead of staying and shooting the lion, Francis runs away in the fields, showing he is a true coward to everyone. Later into the story, Francis gains so much courage, that his wife believes that he will leave her. The story ends with Francis being shot in the head by his own wife. Throughout this story I have concluded on a claim. Hemingway uses characterization to show how Macomber died and the manner in which the animals he hunted died to.
The animal that is similar to Francis was the lion. In the beginning the author uses many details the show this. “Then watching the object, not afraid but hesitating before going down the bank to drink with such a thing opposite him “(Hemingway 9).this details show that the lion is a little nervous about his next action. His actions will either lead to his demise, or his escape.” He swung away toward the cover of the trees as he heard a cracking crash and felt the sting of a 30-06 220-gram solid bullet that bit his flank” (Hemingway 9).The lion takes way too long to react and gets hit with a moral wound. “Then it crashed again and he felt a blow as it hit his lower ribs and ripped right on through “(Hemingway 9). The lion again has been hit. This time the lion has been hit in a place that he cannot avoid. The lion has been shoot through the lungs. He will soon run out of breath and die or he will get an infection in the opened wound. “All of him, pain, sickness, and hatred, of all of his remaining strength was tightening into an absolute concentration for a rush” (Hemingway 12).The lion probably knows that it will die soon. But he seems as though he just want to kill or attack whatever has attacked him first. Throughout the book the lion death could easily be compared to the way Francis Macomber has died.
Francis Macomber (as described in the story) was a very tall man.He kept himself clean and good looking. After the buffalo incident Francis gain more courage. His wife believed that because he is no longer afraid of her leaving him, Francis would leave her and find another instead of Francis getting a chance to do it, his wife kills him.” Macomber had stood solid and shot for the nose, shooting a touch high each time and hitting the heavy horns, splintering and chipping them like hitting the slate of a roof” (Hemingway 22).Macomber starts to shoot more…