Joshua Woods: A Short Story

Words: 549
Pages: 3

Joshua Woods hid behind the hard, wooden door, chortling like an asthmatic hyena, with the accompanying of his partner in crime, Parker Watson.

"Jesus Christ! I can't...I can't...She hasn't noticed yet!" Josh said in between breaths.

Parker had a frown on his face, because he knew very well that he was going to be in trouble for assisting his joker friend in putting two live pigeons into their math teacher's desk while she was getting her lunch from the cafeteria. Joshua Woods was a goofball, he was constantly pulling pranks on his family, teachers, and classmates. Usually, he did escapades like this out of boredom and for pure entertainment, but this time he was doing this in retaliation.

Last week, students at River Trail HSC received their progress reports and lets not go into full detail about how unfortunate Joshua's grades were. Give him a guitar, he'll play you a song. Give him a notebook, he'll sketch you a comic strip. Give him a test, he'll score lower than an ant. School just isn't Josh's thing, he tries to focus during class, but his mind tends to wander off to more important things like Grand Theft Auto and Beyoncé.
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When his parents saw his report grade, they looked like they were about to have heart attacks. He was grounded for one month and lost his internet privileges, which was horrific since his wife, Beyoncé was releasing a new album and he wasn't going to hear it for several