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Endless practices, scrimmages, games, expensive teams, equipment, and long rides to tournaments, will eventually give you the ability to play athletics at a high college level. Playing soccer for fourteen years, I have really grown to love it. When I step onto the field I feel relived and refreshed. My experience in the college recruiting process was engaging and eventful. I have been playing club soccer for a couple years and being on that team as allowed me to expand my horizons as a player. After countless tournaments and games I was able to have the exposure to college coaches. The first college that reached out to me was Elmira College in Elmira, New York. I had never heard of the school before and when I dug into the school and did more research I wanted to know more. I stayed in contact with the coach and during the beginning of my Junior Year, I was able to get in contact with the coach and went up for a day visit. I traveled five hours up to Elmira New York. I got there and was instantly welcomed. I had a tour, lunch, and met with the coach and girls on the team. I instantly connected with the coach. Later in my Junior year, I went back up for an overnight visit. I watched a game, went to lunch with the girls, and slept in a dorm. The day after, I knew Elmira was the place for me. I felt like I belonged there. I applied early decision to Elmira and I was accepted. Im so glad that I have the chance to play at a high level of soccer in college at Elmira next year. Although it takes a lot of time, effort, money, and patience, starting as early as possible is the advice I would give to any high school students looking to play. There are four steps that are beneficial to complete the college athletic recruiting process.

The first step is to choose the main sport you want to focus on in college. For division 1 and 2 schools, you must choose one sport, but at division 3 schools, you could most likely choose to play two sports. When you have decided on your sport join a club or elite team if you have no already done so. Do research for the colleges that best fit your interest. Fill out their recruiting form online and email the coach. Send the coach basic information and your upcoming tournament and game schedule. Send cover letters and resumes. You should start this first step at around the second half of your sophomore year. Record game footage and put together a highlight clip. Put it on youtube, out on the internet, and send it to the coaches.

After you have made initial contact with the coaches join the NCAA Clearing house if you are considering a division 1 or division 2 school. The NCAA Clearing house means you must obtain an minimum grade point average, have taken the minimum classes, and test scores. Division 1 and 2 colleges coaches are unable to contact you unless you have signed up for this.

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