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When I think of environmental ethics I think of how we are treating our planet today. Before we were here our ancestors lived off the land and treated the land better than we do today. The world we live in today is completely different than the world of our ancestors. Today we have so many worries about global warming and “chem trails” and so many other things. Honestly the human race has destroyed our planet. Everyone needs something to help it recover or it will not ever recover. For example you hear about oil spills and what is really being done to clean those up? Not much.
Our food is pumped full of preservatives and chemicals that we ingest and it is not really good for our bodies. We have a very capable land to grow our own food on, for example I have a small garden in my back yard, and it does not provide everything we need to eat but it does provide some. It helps though every little bit we do helps. If everyone could grow their own food the food industry would suffer and they would not make so much money off us and maybe it would kick them in the rear to make things a little healthier for us and our bodies to live as long as we can.
We all need to go into the wilderness every once in a while just to see what it is like and you can see where people have been. If you are going to be adventurous to go into the wilderness at least be responsible enough to pack your garbage out and not leave it. There is obviously some stuff you can’t pack out like using the restroom , but that you can burry, for example at Rim Rock Lake or even Clear Lake there is human feces everywhere because people are just too lazy to clean up after themselves.
Animals are great I do not particularly like them but