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Trujillo 1
James Trujillo
Professor Goldbar
English 300
April 19, 2012
God(s) as Our Dependent(s) From originally being an explanation for why things are the way they are to religious wars over holy land, the thought of God(s) has evolved over the centuries and it has now become the grounds for the most disagreed and dependent topic throughout the world. As humans adapted/evolved through life, a high demand for explanations arose for why things happen the way they do. Every thing from “why does it rain” and “where does the sun go when it gets dark”, had to be explained and with the lack of technology during those times, God(s) arose. Now it’s not the God(s) as we know today. He, she, it, or them has adapted/evolved as time moved on. The God(s) whom I am referring to were much more simplistic God(s). During the early time s of God(s), regardless of opinion, all were viewed as valid possibilities and were taken into consideration. Eventually mankind became dependent upon the beliefs that made sense which were then incorporated into everyday life and passed down through generations. Somewhere along the line, neighboring colonies/tribes fought over the control of land and resources. Those that conquered were able to impose their own ideology disregarding the beliefs of those they defeated. Over the centuries the most powerful regimes have implied that their belief systems were the only true ways and persecuted those that chose not to follow. To avoid persecution many chose to believe in a system so that they could reap the benefits of those
Trujillo 2 powering regimes. Those that chose to not to conform were considered to be outsiders who choose to practice their religious beliefs in their own ways. Not only does it seem in our nature to forcibly take control of what is not ours, but it also seems that after doing so, we must impose our belief system onto those which were conquered.…