Journal 1 Essay

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Jasmine D. Smith
EH 101
Ms. Santiago
February 11, 2013

Journal I

One of my favorite songs that I listen to a great amount of the time is “Simply Amazing” by the American recording artist Tremaine Aldon Neverson, better known as his stage name Trey Songz. Besides the beat of the song and the love I have for the artist alone, the song’s rhetoric and purpose stands out to me has plenty of meaning to me behind the song. It is a part of his fifth studio album “Chapter V” and is track number 16. The song is a hit single and has a music video to go along with it. It is number 1 on the UK R&B charts and number 8 on the UK Singles chart. Songz is a primary writer of this song along with some of his staff such as Troy Taylor who is also his producer. The song last 4 minutes and 1 second and was recorded in 2011. The release date was August 21, 2012. The context of the song describes how a man can have a wonderful thing and know deep down he may not deserve it, but appreciates the pleasure of knowing that the woman is there anyways. For example, he says “…I know I might not deserve it but she loves me and it’s Simply Amazing.” The rhetoric of that statement achieves the goal of acknowledging that love can be undeserving and can be unearned, but there might be a special someone in your life that looks through the flaws and all and accepts you for who you are and continues to be there for you. It achieves rhyme and rhythm, especially with the correlation with the beat and the words coming together to actually sound like a song and not something put together. The song is hoping to make a person feel more appreciative of that special someone who puts up with everything you put them through and