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“Working at McDonald’s” by Amitai Etzioni, illustrates the negativity of an “average” high school student working in a typical minimum wage job. This essay gives statics about working while in school, which gives readers a more realistic look at how working while in school can have an effect on education. Etzioni focuses his writing on encouraging students and parents to look at how working while perusing your education can have negative repercussions on your grades.
This essay, although well written seems extremely bias towards not working while in high school. Etzioni gives statics that are very interesting and although thought provoking is somewhat outdated. He refers to teens as youngsters like he is still the 1940’s and compares lemonade stands and paper routes to working at McDonalds or other fast food type chains. Which seems highly unrealistic, because teens focuses have changed drastically even since even the early 2000’s. They want to be self sufficient and responsible and to be treated like they are adults. What is a better way to prove that than working a job? The places that they can get jobs are of course low paying, highly structured, and un-imaginative jobs because they have no experience. If they could work for a lawyer while in high school why would they even need college?
In the essay it’s stated that young adults learn discipline by delivering papers or having a lemonade stand. You have to deliver papers rain or shine or if you over price your lemonade no one will buy it. You’re in trouble because you threw Mrs.…