A Note On Motivation

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Erika Jane Morrissette
Sue Small

Motivation Starting school at an older age is frightening but I knew that I wanted to further my success and going back to school was the best option for me. I found Grand Canyon University to be rewarding in the fact that I can be accepted by my religious beliefs and share them as well. I also work for GCU and love the fact to be so involved employee wise but student too. Every morning I wake up and say, “Let’s do this.” I have God to push me to my maximum but also beyond that. Motivation is remembering why you are working for success and also the incentive of it. If you are not motivated you can falter before you even begin. Og Mandino states, “Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” It is mandatory to keep pushing ourselves to do the absolute best we can to see the end results we always have wanted. Daily participation can help keep students up to date with their assignments and also give new ideas for assignments. Having classmates from all over makes for an assortment of answers and questions that make classmates think of new ideas. It can even set goals that other classmates have set and motivate us to keep active, realizing that others are dealing with day to day life plus school. Also being able to read biographies and forums can keep students stay motivated and interested. Never give up. Day to day living can become difficult but we have to find ways to keep ourselves inspired. If