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Today in class we learned a disco combination. It was very fun and upbeat. At first I felt a little out of my comfort zone and a little shy but by the end of class, I was really enjoying this type of dancing. I think it is different that the other dance combinations in that it is harder to get down because the steps are quicker. It feels like a workout by itself because of the up and down jumping before the poses. I noticed that the dance incorporates a lot of isolation movements. For example, the first movement of the combination isolates the hips and shoulders. On the other hand, the African dance combination also uses a lot of isolations. For example, the head is isolated when performing the circular arm movements. Also the arms and chest are isolated when we do the four steps forward popping out our chests and contrasting it. I also realized that the salsa dancing has isolations of the hips too. In all the dance combinations we have learned, isolations have been a big part. Isolations create sharp distinguished movements of different body parts. It really makes a big difference when done correctly and adds emphasis on certain beats. Furthermore, I really appreciated Christian taking time to explain to us how to do a correct sit-up and pushup. I found out I have been experiencing neck pain because I was tugging on my neck too much. I need to work on raising my shoulder blades instead. Christian taught us that we should try to keep our arms straight out instead of…