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Journal 2
Nov 23, 2014
Tziara Reyes

In the novel I've chosen, Lullabies for Little Criminals, I started to discover more characteristics of characters. For example; Baby is seen to be holding on to the little memory she has of her mother. On page 44 Baby tries to see a connection between her and her mother. "As I lay in the dark, I knew everyone was thinking about their mothers. I wanted to think about mine too, but I couldn't come up with much. Jules never liked talking about her. All I knew was that she liked going to the library when she wanted to cry. Also, she didn't snore. If you put your ear right up to her mouth you wouldn't hear a single thing. I thought of her sleeping face and how it must have looked as peaceful as the moon. When jules gets better and takes me home, I thought, I'm going to ask him to watch me sleep and see if I look like her." This shows how baby still holds on to the thought of her mother and her vulnerability growing up without one.
Sometimes Baby might even be in denial of her mom being gone. On page 52 she says
"I put the conch up to my ear, as I often did. Sometimes I didn't hear the sound of the beach at all. Sometimes I was sure that I could hear the sound of my mother laughing."
It's funny that Baby says this because her mother died when Baby was born; therefore she would have ever heard her laugh or remembered it for that matter. Jules, Baby's father I discovered is an impulsive liar, not because he enjoys it but because he wants to protect the feelings of Baby. Jules lies about many things and this is seen on pg 58 "Jules claimed that he had known Mary for years and that she was like

a sister to him. I didn't buy that, though. He was always calling people his brother; I'd heard him say that about people he'd only known for two weeks. There was a landlord who'd lowered our rent fifty bucks and jules…