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Journal Entry #2:
Myths and Facts about people with disabilities

Kylie McCue: 100977034
Dr. Roy Hanes
October 1st, 2014
DBST 1001 A I found that the readings due this week were particularly interesting. Considering I have a younger sister with autism, I happen to hear myths a lot.
Myth #6: People with disabilities are more comfortable with “their own kind”. I know this is untrue especially for my younger sister, Mia. Mia loves to talk to everybody and make them feel like they belong. She is so inclusive, not just with other people with autism, but everyone. She is comfortable with most people as long as they treat her with respect.
Myth #7: Non-disabled people are obligated to “take care of” people with disabilities.
I believe this statement is false. You shouldn’t feel obligated at all. I know that Mia would rather do things on her own. She likes to be independent. With that being said, at some times, she does require help. I believe that people should help if they can and if they want too, but they shouldn’t feel obligated.
Myth #8: Curious children should never ask people about their disabilities.
Children are curious; they want to understand things. People with disabilities should understand that most of the time, they don’t mean to be hurtful towards you. They just want answers.
Myth #9: The lives of people with disabilities are totally different than the lives of people without disabilities. Mia’s life is not that much different from mine.…