How The Other Half Lives Essay

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“How the Other Half lives”, a book which could save neglected immigrants and even more!

Since the Industrial Revolution began, it attracted many immigrants to use to archive

what so-called “ American dreams”. However, lives of immigrant were not good as they had expected. they had to suffer terrible life conditions and were ignored by the rest of American

There were many reasons, but the most important reason is because they were

immigrant. In this era, more and more jobs were created in order to fill positions in many fields of industries , but jobs were never enough for American citizens plus immigrants. In the light of this situation it is easy to see that there were conflicts between immigrants and the rest of society. The white Americans protested the wave of immigrants because they feared it would hurt their employment. As the result, immigrants received less or no support from other classes, so they had to find ways for themselves or they would be discharged. Unquestionably, immigrants had to accept low wage if they wanted to get jobs of getting the most dangerous positions in factories. Beside that, most of their employers didn't care enough about their living conditions; immigrants workers were sent to slum areas where the quality of living nearly dropped to zero, but no choice for them to choose.Additionally, immigrant workers moved to a country not knowing the language, not having any relatives in this new land, so they had no idea where to stay and go. In the same way, without any choice, they were pushed into small and dirty accommodations which lacked of basic facilities seriously. In short, because they were labeled as “immigrants”, they had to suffer many harsh living and working conditions.!

At this period, an influential book was published; it was not only a ordinary book but also

a rescue for all immigrant workers from the nightmare mentioned above. The