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Journal 4 Is Google Making Us Stupide?
It is true that the new balance the internet brings causes people to think differently in order to survive (mentally). However, I think that the value of knowing a topic thoroughly is forgotten - While writing a history essay, it is quite simple to look up fifteen facts and have a three-pronged argument for a thesis with analysis based on those pieces of evidence. And yet, if I just pay attention in class, take notes, and know my topic inside and out with information at hand that I will never mention in my essay, I find myself arguing a different thesis in a different fashion. The connections in support are no longer based on the surface image of what happened in the past, but the motives, the implications, the possible conspiracies, and basically the intricate, infinite workings of any human mind.
I understand that it is necessary to work more efficiently with new amount of information any person is required to absorb on a day to day basis. But one thing in research has not changed from the way it was in the beginning of the human mind. To really argue the truth, I can't pick and choose the evidence I need. I need to spend as long as it takes knowing everything possible before I can participate in a mature debate. If you search for bits of evidence, with a plan for what you will find, you will come at research with prejudice and be too selective in your search. You can't really know everything you need to learn before you research something, especially in history.

The Allegory of the Cave
The 'cave' represents the state of most human beings, and the tale of a dramatic exit from the cave is the source of true understanding.
Plato also talks about true education or true philosophy. In his opinion education is the process of learning spiritual knowledge so he even calls true education as true philosophy. He says that the learning power is the world of becoming and education is the process of learning called world of being. In other words, what Plato says is that each and every individual is given the learning power in to his soul by the divine so that our learning process differs from one another. A man can learn up to a certain limit and after the limitation is crossed, he cannot learn more. This concept of learning process differs from one another. Contemporary professors of education who believed that there is not predetermined, rejected this concept of learning process that true education is the spiritual enlightenment, which we learn from the heart. It is also called true philosophy, which has certain qualities. A true philosophy is