Choosing A Candidate To Be The Next Mayor Of Los Angeles

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Kailani Pollard
Engl. 100
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Journal #4
May 22, 2013

Choosing a candidate to be the next mayor can be tough. Trying to figure out if the person is the best candidate possible for things you want to see changed in the community. For me Wendy Greuel would be the best candidate to become the next mayor of Los Angeles, because in my eyes she could better relate to the middle class. She attended a public school as well as her child, so she could relate to what the school system may be lacking. She’s focus on the financial aspect of how we can reduce outrageous spending and increase the job rates. As for Eric Garcetti I think that he is Latino. I am mixed with black and Mexican and I think if anything I am more Hispanic then I am black because my mother raised me as well as my grandmother. But at the end of the day I’m still both races and so is Garcetti. * *
Last month in April a Garment factory in Bangladesh Collapsed killing more than 142 people mostly women. The factory manufactured clothing for Gap, H&M, and Walmart to name a few. I think that they should have safety guidelines they have to follow and give the workers higher pay. I don’t think that they should move the factories. Just because you move the factory doesn’t mean they will not have the same safety problems. Plus it