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Taylor Douet
Journal #5 Ornstein
English 101/Section 6
Ornstein is one that was late to twitter, but one day as she was sitting with her daughter in their front yard she was noticing the scenery while they were listing to E. B. White and she thought what a perfect time to tweet. She argues in her story that nowadays we have a tendency to tweet every feeling we get, every time we are feeling some type of way we have to tell all of our followers. She also says how we are all hooked on it because of the connection we have with all of twitter. This can range from parents to children that use social media of any kind or even the use of a cellphone. When Ornstein says, “Each twitter post seemed a tacit referendum on who I am, or at least who I believe myself to be” (347) she is talking about how she feels that she is typing how she feels but she is also putting on a show for her twitter feed to see. She then later tweets “Listening to E. B. White’s ‘Trumpet of the Swan’ with Daisy, slow and sweet.” (347) but she feels as though she is tweeting how she envisioned it and how she wanted it to happen and not how it was actually going. When she realized how she was, like said before, putting on a performance for her twitter feed, she then began to question her self is twitter shaping her and making her feel like she has to tweet a specific way in order for twitter to accept her maybe. She uses a metaphor from Erving Goffman that all of life is a performance, and she says how twitter extended this metaphor by making people of twitter and many different social media that we have to say thing a certain way in order to be accepted or to maybe fit in how we think we should fit in in the internet world. Orenstein states that she says we construct identity on “our digital universe” (348). There are many of people that are on social networks that we