A Note On Behavior Plan

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Behavior Plan:

Student Goal: Student will achieve academic success by following the 4 B’s and meeting his behavior goals on a daily basis.

Hypothesis: When student is taught and learns the expected positive behaviors, and follows them, his behavioral success will manifest into academic success for him and create a better overall classroom and school environment.

Behavior Plan:
1. Student will demonstrate appropriate behavior as tracked by his teachers on a check-in/ out plan on a daily basis by:
a. Meeting with student each morning before school and at the end of the school day.
b. Student’s behaviors will be tracked by each teacher. The teachers will ensure that the behavior tracking sheet is passed to the next teacher.
c. Check in-/out teacher will turn in behavior tracking sheet to a BRTI member for tracking purposes.
d. Check in-/out teacher will communicate with student progress with student and student’s parent(s)/guardian(s).

The teacher will also provide the following interventions as needed:

Give student some serious classroom responsibilities
Find personal interests, hobbies and activities that the student enjoys and use them as a catalyst to get to him better.
Continue to schedule private conferences in which you define the unacceptable behavior and outline the consequences of continuing it.
Respond with silence. In a powerful way, this response gets the student to settle down, because he knows that each added word is getting him into more trouble. When he stops, however, don’t say one word. Rather, go on with the lesson. If you say anything, the student will start up again.
After student’s next clowning episode, laugh with the class. The second time it happens, wait until the incident is over, and then explain to the class that humor is a good thing in the classroom, at the right time and place.
Following the talk with the class, give the