Leadership Role As An Administrative Assistant For Charter School

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I know that I am prepared for a leadership role with Charter School because as a current employee, I see first hand the challenges that students and staff face on a daily basics. I am confident that my skills, dedication, motivation, and willingness to succeed not only coincides with the core values of Charter but will also aide in helping resolve the various problems within the school and make the school a safe, fun, learnable, teachable environment not just for the students but for the teachers and staff as well.
My current role as an Administrative Assistant for Charter School is the first position in an educational setting that I have worked in. I can relate this very question to my previous employment as a bank supervisor. There I was responsible for 10 tellers and 5 customer service associates. One goal that I set for my team was to recruit customers and educate them on the various services that the bank had to offer and how the services could benefit the customer. I set out for everyone to get at least 6 services secured by the end of the week. When it came time to review the progress I noticed that my tellers were struggling and it was causing longer then normal wait times for other customers. I then tweaked what I wanted to optimize on the 2 minutes wait customer service that the tellers were given. While the first few weeks of the goal required me to change how the employees were delivering the services, in the end, the bank had successfully signed up many