Journal Entries on the Kite Runner Essay

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QHSS Vikas Peddu

Journal entry #1

In the first ten chapters of The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini focuses on the theme “Friendships take years to build, but only moments to destroy”. For example, Amir and Hassan have been friends since they were born, they built their friendship until the day of the kit fighting tournament. When Hassan ran the runner ups kite he ran into Assef, who was seeking revenge for being insulted by Hassan earlier in the year. Assef deemed that rape would be a proper punishment for the insult. Unbeknownst to Assef as well as Hassan Amir was watching everything. If he wanted to, he could have intervened and stopped his revenge but chose to watch instead, ruining his friendship instantly. Ali and
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Assef makes a deal with Amir, a fight to the death. If Amir won, he got Sohrab. If Assef won, he kept Sohrab. During the fight, Assef was beating Amir to the brink of death. Amir finally felt like he was getting what he deserved, so he was happy. Sohrab walked into the fight with his slingshot, and shot Assef in the left eye. While Assef was down, Amir and Sohrab ran out and fled the scene. Amir finally got his redemption.

The author’s attitude throughout chapters 11-23 is a very gloomy, due to the nature of the situation. Amir’s time in California however had a much more bright tone, after Rahim Kahn called however, the gloomy tone returned. This section made me think about how I should be nice to my friends, and look out for them the same way they look out for me. Journal Entry #3

Chapters 24 to the end of the book are about what Amir does with Sohrab after he gets away from Assef. The theme in this section is “ Sometimes you get more than you bargained for”. For example, when Amir came to Afghanistan to visit Rahim Kahn he was expecting a mere task to redeem himself. Instead he found out that his closest childhood friend was his brother. He also got sent on a quest to find his nephew. While doing that, he got challenged to a fight by one of his childhood bullies. The author’s attitude in this section of the book is just as cheerful as the five chapters, most likely because Amir