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Test Prep Journal Entry I’ve noticed there are many significant differences between a college-level English course and a high-school level English course. A college-level course requires spending a lot more time reading, analyzing pieces, and writing. Being in a college-level course demands you to read rigorous amounts. In other words, I need to take my time instead of rushing. Trying to get things done fast in AP English is not a achievement, it’s to understand the pieces and know exactly what they mean. I feel that adjusting to this will be challenging for me, but I know it will be the best and help in the long run throughout this course. Reading the text aloud and rereading difficult and complex material will be beneficial and help me understand what is actually being said. Also, having a dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia or atlas available will help make things clearer. Things to remember whilst crafting a critical essay are to organize my thoughts and ideas carefully, use the text as evidence, and quote as much as I can. Doing the following will make it easier for me to write my essays. I also need to remember to keep my rhetorical elements in mind and make my message clear to my audience. The AP Language exam is a total of three hours and fifteen minutes, it is separated into two parts; multiple choice which is worth 45% and free response which is worth 55%. The multiple choice is one hour long and 55 questions. It will be difficult because not only do I need to read closely and understand the questions but I will need to do it quickly. The free response is 3 essays and is two hours long. I think if I study and get really prepared for the test, time won’t be that much of a problem. Depending how you score on the AP