Deciding To Intern At La Sierra La Vista High School

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Journal Entry #1

Deciding to intern at La Sierra La Vista High School was by far one of the best decisions I have throughout my undergraduate career. I began to intern at the high school Fall 2014. I decided to intern last semester because I was trying to decide what masters program I wanted to apply to and what career choice I would want to make in the next few years. I was trying to decide between social work, therapist, counselor, teacher, or high school administration. All of those careers seemed to be similar so I wanted to intern to see what the experience was all about and what the career truly consisted of. Often times one might hear of the stereotypes of each career but I wanted to find out for myself. I chose to intern in a high school because I’ve always pictured myself working with high school students or at least in that setting. The hard part was trying to decide exactly where I wanted to intern. One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that I like working with students but I also like working with adults. I wanted to do something that would combine both but not too much of just one, so I decided to intern with the Dean of the high school. Throughout high school I wasn’t the best-behaved student but that didn’t mean I wasn’t a good student. I would go to the deans office for disrupting class or some reason and often times they would just label me as the student who didn’t care about school or didn’t wasn’t going anywhere. As I reflect on it now that I’m older, I wish they ‘d tried a little harder to find the underlying reason as to why I was misbehaving and not just categorize me. Often times people don’t have the drive or the passion to really want to help kids out, I believe you need to want it or really have a passion if you’re going to be doing a job such as a Dean. Therefore I decided to apply for the intern position and thankfully I was chosen for it. I was going into the internship not knowing what to expect but was excited to see what the internship was all about. The first semester was great I got to see and do what the Dean of the high school did. Since I wasn’t taking the class for credit I wouldn’t attend every week so I didn’t get too much experience out of it but the experience that I have gotten thus far has been an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Friday January 23,2015 was my first day interning for hours that where going to count towards class credit. For some reason it felt different knowing that I was going to be receiving credit for the hours that I was now going to complete. I was really excited to get a set schedule and know that I was going to be interning for not just myself but also school credit. I went in at 10:00 a.m. and began by