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Journal Entries: History of work
Journal Entry #2 – Studs Terkel, pg. 80-85 This reading was about a women waitress who loves to work and doesn’t care how much she gets from tips and pay. She says that she has to be a waitress because she wants to learn about people. If they were having a bad time she would give them advice and she is happy to do it. Even though being a waitress is a tiring job for her she still is happy where she is working. Also, sometimes she gets awful comments from customers, but she doesn’t take it the wrong way because she just wants to be herself. She tried really hard to get the customers what they want and always ask if they like the food. She also tries really hard to kiss up to her boss, the chef, and the bartender.
Journal Entry #3 – Studs Terkel, pg. 210-217 This reading was about a guy laborer named Mike Lefevre who hates his job and would always get into fights with other coworkers when they get him mad. He really doesn’t like his job, wants to take rests, and wants to spend time with his family. He says that he has a job because he wants his kids to see what he can do for them and also wants them to get into a good college. Also, since he has a lot of stress at work he says that it is not good to release that stress on kids or wives. It would be better to go to a bar. He also wants to see a dedication plaque on a building or something that was made by that person to commemorate them. In the weekends Mike usually reads a book or drinks a beer and that’s the only time he can relax.
Journal Entry #4 – Henry David Thoreau This reading was about his life and work that he did. He said that the world is a place of business. It is nothing but work, work, work. He also said that when you work you enjoy what you are doing not because you can’t wait to get paid. Some people get greedy with money and don’t care what they spend or how they spend something. Henry is saying that work can be enjoyable if you try for it and want to do it.
Journal Entry #5 – The History of work Work means the basic human activity that allows us to survive. It is by occupation and values. Also society is organized by work, interacting with the environment; it is the Independence and Freedom of the worker. I also learned that if someone were to go to prison hierarchy develops. Global markets are changing the world. There are 800 people unemployed and underemployed. Tools mark our evolution. There is a difference between the human and animals it is the thumb.

Farming and stock rising was all over the world. Back in the days farmers were supposed to obey foreman or have corporal punishment.
Priests, warriors, and scribes were top of the social scale Slaves were found in all activity Important position- Intellectual skills Free citizens slaved through work
The Human Machine: Feudalism freed workers even though it was hard Trades became diversified Crafts were passed on to father to son There were too many accidents in the factory Denounced capitalism for workers on 1867 Uprising was frequent in America and Europe Workers had no business thinking – just working quickly and efficiently. They also refused to become robots so they resigned. They earned $5 a day which was a small fortune
Car: 2 billion 5 million people work. The city’s population grew. Unemployment was very high and working conditions were rough. The foreign workers worked long hours and were in unhealthy conditions.
They also prohibited kids under age 18 to work. Kids were working because families were poor and they had to survive on the money kids were making. There were also deaths overdue to work.
Journal Entry #6 Getting Dimed This reading was about a middle class journalist named Barbara Ehrenreich who went undercover to study the realities of life for low-wage earners. She found out that even though low-class people work they still cannot afford their rent, food, and gas prices. She too was also struggling to live. She got two