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Journal entry #2

I chose my thesis question because I wanted to learn more about president Richard Nixon because what most people think when they hear the name “Richard Nixon” is just Watergate Scandal. I Knew that President Richard Nixon had to of done more things in his career than committing the Watergate Scandal and i wanted to find them out. Throughout the corse of this project my thesis statement has not changed.

It was difficult to come up with the second half of the questions because by 13 questions i had thought of many of the basic general questions so it tok much longer to create each question, it caused me to think much harder. Mrs.Jaraminko was able to assist us in creating the interview questions. She explained what type of questions need to be and how long the responses needed to be.

It was not very hard to find people to interview for my project because I had a president which many people know about. In order to find a person to interview i searched the history department for both UMBC and University of Baltimore, then i read what each teacher had specialized in and the ones i thought would be good to interview, i emailed them. I got many responses in after a day, then i just talked to them when would be a good time for an interview and any other information they requested like my topic and why i was interested in the person who i was focusing on.

During the interview there were no major technical difficulties, but I did stutter two or three times because of how nervous I was. Transcribing my interview was not hard. It was easy not to pick the top eight answers