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In my personal life, I like to thinking critically about news published by social medias because the media today usually focused on profit maximization instead of the society benefit. I reckon critical thinking as the process of analyzing a text towards in a conclusion based on an in formed interpretation. Critical thinking helps me to identify the fact and question the credibility of the context stated, in this way I can spot any weak statements and to further expand my knowledge in a certain field. I remember in the case of Michael Jackson conducting sexual abuse on children which terribly damaged his personal image and career. In fact, the truth is those children were bribed with money and the whole incident is deviated from the truth. For such famous celebrity like Michael Jackson, the negative impact of the slander is beyond imagination. As well as the article “Uk Police Inquiry Broadens to Sydney” narrates a woman named Lauren Martell who told the Scotland Yard police about an past sexual assault that involves Rolf Harris, the Australian Musician who lived in London. She claimed that at her age of 19, 20, she traveled to London and witnessed Harris in a toilet at a recording studio conducting sexual abuse. To me, the whole article is meaningless and it is offensive and misleading. Obviously, the claims made against Harris are not convincible as the evidence provided are not adequate enough to prove his guiltiness. Despite the presentation of the case of British television entertainer Jimmy Savile’s sexual assault, it is still unreasonable as it is entirely unrelated to Harris. I understandable that the writer thought such offensive behavior would not be tolerated and that everything would be done to bring the criminals to justice. But it is inappropriate to write something with uncleared statements and unstructured layout just to