Essay Journal: Family and Dominican Republic

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Jesse Dajer
Developmental psychology
Life Review project
My Father’s Life Story
Born in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Attended La Salle Military Academy fro 1st to 8th grade. He came to study High School while studying to learn English I September of 1962. Graduated from HS 1n 1965 and received a Bachelor Degree in economics from Queens College of New York at the age of 20. Later obtained a Master in Business Administration from Bryant University. Recruited by Citibank to return to his home country to start a career in banking and business management. In April 2001 he was compelled to return to the United States when my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the end of the school year he brought us to the state. It did not seem possible for my mom to overcome the cancer, she passed away on October 15 so my dad place me along with two other brothers in school in Providence; he had to get a job that would allow him to take care of us while we were out of school so he decided to start until now a teacher career.
From my father’s side l am a mixed of Lebanese, Dominican and Spaniard. I remember my grandparents taking me to the candy business and allowed us to eat as much candy and pastry as we wish. Also going to the beach and other resorts and farms. My grandparents were very hard working people and were always present to help who ever needed their assistance My mother was really lovable; she always wanted to make sure we were happy and healthy but not less important she was always on top of us to ensure that we did the school work, otherwise prepare yourself for the worst; a real spanking in the old fashion. She ran a ceramic factory and saved some money to give to us.
I never felt much difference between my parents except that there were things associated with men which l refrained from commenting with my mom. I admired both of my parents in the same manner. We were six brothers and three sisters but the oldest passed away two years ago, hence we are eight now. My parents made sure that we kept the family tradition and kept us together all the time. It was always a tradition to make sure that the oldest protect the younger and the boys looked after the girls. Neighbors were like part of the family; we use to share special meals and celebrated together the feasts and other traditional rituals. My companions were kids from school and neighbors with whom we use to play baseball, soccer, and engaged in many other activities. Most of the classmates had the same background and boys had a lot of respect for girls, we use to protect them against any action which could imply harm. In school my favorite subjects were math and science.
My first job was at OIC (In Providence RI ) and I got it through a referral by an agency Named Youth Opportunity Center. The work involved counseling and training; it was a very interesting job, even though was not the best. If l were to go back and choose a job, l would choose Banking. My first girlfriend was from Santiago, Dominican Republic and her name was Nancy. I met my present wife at a discotheque in the Dominican Republic; she was then fifteen years old. I have six children; five boys and one girl. The two oldest are from my first wife; three from my deceased wife and one with the most recent wife. They were born in 1971,1986,1993.1995,1998, and 2005, respectively.
I taught them the importance of respect, discipline and academic performance. My aspirations are that each one of them go to college and have a career. I have four grandchildren but l cannot see them as often as l wish since they live in California. I do talk to them once in a while, however. As a child my parent main concern was our education and other important accomplishments such as a good job and a good reputation. At first l daydream to become an architect , while in high school l use design houses and other type of units. However, when I was closing to start college l switch to economics and