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The two literary selections which I have chosen to discuss in terms of the out-of-class essay are that of ‘Happy Endings’ by Margaret Atwood and ‘A Good Man is Hard’ to find by Flannery O’Connor. When doing an analogize of these stories one aspect of both stories that can be easily compared would be the authors choice of diction throughout both selections to grab the readers attention or to convey a message. Both pieces of literature use very harsh words when describing certain events that unfolds in the storyline. This is a possible point of analogize by comparing the similarities in how this diction is used effective within both selections. Within ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find’ this language is present particularly near the end of the plot when the entire family after heading out on their road trip to Florida is brutally murdered by an outlaw called ‘The Misfit’. Whereas in the story ‘Happy Endings’ this type of diction is shown throughout the most of the plot which discusses the different versions of the relationship between the characters Mary and John.
Another point of analysis between these two stories would be the role of perspective within the overall theme of each selection. Both stories contain at least one or more possible themes that arise due to the perspective of either a single person or group within society. These themes can be compared to show not only their similarities but, also how they differ between each story. The grandmother’s view of the ‘perfect’…