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Being that I have been at Nursing homes before when my mom used to work at one I’m not really expecting a whole lot. I assume they will have the usual seating areas that they can go relax and talk with one another. Also the rooms will probably be close together with one another. Thinking about it being a home for Vets makes me wonder if they will have lots of American memorabilia around. I think the people will be sort of grumpy. I am wondering if they will because I have met a lot of older men and women who were in the war and are veterans and they are usually have that forlorn sadness to them.

I’m sure there will be some that are in the hallway just sitting in their wheelchairs. At my moms old nursing home they seemed to do that alot. Actually I am expecting a lot of veterans that have serious or mild injuries from when they were in the war. Some may have been cooks, on the front lines and or nurses. They can sustain injuries no matter where they were and no matter what they were doing they have seen more than us kids these days have. But more than ever I think some will be really glad to see young kids these days helping out, I think a lot will be excited and happy too. I know some don’t really see their families, if they have contact at all, and having someone around will be good for them. Maybe remind them of the days when they were younger or of their grandchildren.

Well coming back from the Veterans facility my whole perspective has changed. I wasn't looking for there to be a whole lot going on but they sure do think of alot of things for these people to feel comfortable and welcome. My first impression was that it was nice, the brick walling walking in and the secretary there was friendly. It felt like an open environment and the members seemed not at all surprised to see us. Although one thing was not different, the smell. It smelled like a nursing home. When I used to go with my mom thats exactly how it smelled like and how she smelled when she came home from work everyday.

One of the things I saw that I was expecting was someone who had gotten injured. In the Rehabilitation room there was a man who must have gotten hurt somehow and his face was deformed in a way. It didn't really shock me since I was expecting it and I have seen a lot of