Journal: Marching Band and High Chair Essay

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We usually have specific group for cheering up. For example, cheerleading cheers for basketball game, cheerleaders cheer for soccer games, and marching band cheers for football games. Cheering stuff is kind of spiritual of sports games. It Is a kind of traditional ritual. The last song they played will be the STAR SPANGLE BANNER. I feel so interested in marching band. There are over hundreds of people divided by different parts of group and playing different kinds of instruments. I am wondering how they works with each other? They don’t even talk to each other, they only follow the instructions from instructors and drum majors in several ways such like hand command, voice command and whistle command. For instance, when the drum major gives the order during the parade, one thing is to raise up the mace to let the drum lines notice the change. Besides, different pointing directions of the mace means pause and go on in different situations.

During the show time, instructors usually give the order by hand, and there are several instructors to make sure every instrument players get the commands. In the parade, majority of the time they are giving the commends by blowing a whistle. I want to talk more about the voice commands. They usually training the marchers use the voice commands, they use the special terms. The terms that normally used in the marching training are left face, right face, forward face, dress right dress, low chair, high chair, glide, mark time… when you hear your band major say “band” that means you need to pay all your attention, and stop moving no matter whatever you are doing, and keep your mouth shut.