Some Kind Of Hope

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Dereck Jardines
Professor Neil
November 27, 2013
SPC 1017
Some Kind of Hope The reason why I chose this song, “Some Kind of Hope”, is to remind myself to never give up on what I want in this life. To never lose hope when everything around me is falling apart and no matter how hard I try to make a half a whole, to keep on fighting for whatever I want in my life. Because without hope, days will always seems dark and I’ll never see the bright side of things in life. I know I can’t live life with hope alone, but without it, life is not worth living. This song is a reminder to myself that things will get better, and to help others when they’re lost and alone. To be a friend for those in need of one because I know how it is to scream at the top of your lungs and no one hears you. Just listening to this song makes me want to be a better man and spread hope to all those who lost faith in whatever they believed in. I want to be the one to help guide all of those who got lost in their depression, anxiety or any problem they have. They don’t have to face this alone like I did when I was going through a tough time. This is a place of acceptance, not a place of repentance. So why in a world that hates, must they judge us for who we are? Listening to this song, means a lot to me because it describes the way I see myself. “A wrecking ball of warmth is beating in my chest, and my head is buried in the depths of its gentleness. Oh god, I am alive, keeping warm in a cold world”. That line describes me and it’s the way I always want to see myself. To be kind and helpful to others but to use my anger for those who do wrong to myself and others. It’s in my heart to help those who have been knocked down. This world may bring me down, but it won’t tear me apart so I’ll stay strong. I will keep my head up because this struggle will only get harder to handle. And if this song has taught me anything, is to go