Journal Observations: Space And Wonders In The Classroom

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Journal Observations

1. 1/30 Space & Furnishings: Describe how the room is arranged. Is there enough space for children, teachers and furnishings? Is it too crowded?
Describe the Furnishings. Are they suitable for the age of children? Are they clean, sturdy and in good repair? Are there storage areas?
2. 1/30 Personal Care Routines: How do teachers greet and say good-by to children? How do teachers share information with parents related to how and what the child did that day? Describe a meal / feeding situation. Describe napping / sleeping in this classroom. Describe diapering / toileting in this classroom.
3. 2/13 Listening and Talking: Describe verbal communication – is it personal to each child or more to the whole group? Does the teacher use simple, descriptive words or more negative words?
4. 2/20 Activities: Describe the activities the children are involved in. Are there enough age appropriate toys for the children? Do they appear to be organized? Clean and in good repair?
5. 3/6 Interaction: Describe the supervision in the classroom. Does the teacher play with the children frequently? Can all the children be seen by the teacher at all times? How does the teacher show affection?
6. 3/20 Program Structure: Describe the daily Schedule. Do you think the schedule meets the needs of most children? Is there a balance between quiet and loud activities? How does the teacher encourage participation in group activities? Where can a child go is he/she wants to play alone?
7. 3/27