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Internationalization is a way to transfer your business from domestic market to international market. But in my mind, I would like to describe ‘Internationalization’ in this way – a better adjustment of global supply and demand because I would like to view internationalization from an onlooker’s perspective. Internationalization helps individual and companies, or even countries to utilize its resource to change the world. Demand could also be a kind of resources.

There are many ways you can choose to achieve this aim. However, export might be one of the most common ways to operate. In the case study of the lecture, both BRL hardy and foster’s, even FACT, used export at the beginning stage. Why and how they manage their export business is my first question. So I did some further research of exporting.
There are several advantages and disadvantages of exporting. Many of them have been mentioned in our lecture so I won’t explain a lot, such as increase sales and profits. However, I still gain many new reason which broader my mindset. Previously, when talk about business, ‘profit’ is the first word came to my mind. But I think I need to change my mind if I want to operate my own business successfully. I need to have a strategic mind. For example, many companies operate exporting not only for profit, but for their strategic goal. The following benefits of exporting include enhance domestic competitiveness, diversification, lower per unit cost. All the advantages I have mentioned haven’t come to my mind before I found them. It opens my mind. In addition, if we combine those two benefit together, product diversification and business network development, it would be clearer to see the benefit of export. In my opinion, the most successful business mode is win-win situation. And the role of export in Foster’s develop history has explained the benefit clearly. Through exporting, Foster’s broader their product line and build up a sustainable network. In some situation, companies even become distributor with each other.

As lecturer mention that not only small companies do export, large companies also do export as well. With question for the opinion, I search the internet and try to found the answer. But many cases tell me that export is only the first way to being international. Many companies change their international way after they gain some feedback from export which means that export would be the most common way to test new market. And its importance is declining during the process of internationalization. Besides,