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Journal 1

Evolution of human walking was originally perceived as unique to the human species. Research from the 1930’s stated that human feet function very differently than those of apes. Also it proposes that the development of rigidity in the outside edge of the foot and arches in the mid-foot region are distinct factors for this presupposition. However, the mechanisms of the human foot are actually similar to the feet of the apes. At the Liverpool University’s Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease, research was conducted and data was analyzed with the university’s Gait laboratory. Research was conducted on a pressure sensitive tread mill which monitored twenty-five thousand steps.
Professor Robin Crompton conducted an analysis in which he proposed that human and ape feet match to some degree. The internal mechanisms in human’s feet are creating similar pressures as ape’s feet. Scientists proved that two thirds of human feet actually make contact with the ground rather than the previous notions of diseases and medical problems associated with flat feet. Professor Karl Bates proposes that apes developed flexibility from living in trees, and as time passed with evolution apes’ feet became accustomed to the ground. Similarly, humans have adapted to cope with hard and soft surfaces along with walking long distances and running as well.
In this article which highlights human feet not being unique as people thought, the theme of evolution is present. Evolution is the modification of inherited characteristics of biological species and populations over a period of time. Human feet mechanisms compare to those of apes in this article. The comparison is used to show the similar evolution of human and ape feet. Evolution shows how a previous idea that mechanisms of the human feet were individualistic was in fact related to those of their ancestors. Evolution helps with the research because scientists are able to create and correlate information to demonstrate the meanings and scientific knowledge about the development of the feet.
Another theme that exists in this article is how science is a process. The scientists had to create a scientific and reasonable approach to figure out their objective of why the development of human feet is actually related that of the apes’ feet. The scientists used inductive reasoning and hypothesis testing. These two methods are used