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Shreyas Gujja
Mr. Chrzanowski
PE/Health A3
2 May 2013
PE Journal 6
Team work is a major factor in the outcome of a sports game or any other game. It performs many different functions at the same time. One of the things it does is make it easier to reach the objective. When there are more than one person trying to achieve a goal then it will be a lot easier to do it due to the variety of ideas and skills being contributed. If one person has two skills and lacks the remaining one which is necessary to complete the task, another person could provide that one missing skill and it will become a lot easier to complete the task. Another thing teamwork does is that it makes the task faster to achieve. When one person takes 2 hours to finish a job alone, and another person takes 3 hours to finish it alone, they can work together to finish the job faster. They could then finish it in only 1 hour and ten minutes. This is a lot faster than either of the people could have done on their own. Also, another major advantage of teamwork is that it helps develop skills which are useful for everyday life. One of these skills is communication. Communication is a vital skill in the everyday life of an average person. Teamwork helps communication skills develop because when you are on a team you are being forced to communicate with your team members in order to achieve the task together. In sports such as basketball, one has to talk to their teammate to pass at a certain time or to shoot.