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When I read local newspapers I always assume that a lot of details may be inaccurate or missing valid points. Local newspapers use police reports from the district magistrate to report incidents that have occurred weekly. These details may be have derived from an unconfirmed report or may include a biased story. The authors name may be listed but still does not guarantee accuracy. Depending on the magazine, I usually assume that information is correct. Scholarly magazines are most times accurate and the citations are most times easily found.
After class discussions, I have gained some insight on how to approach research. It is helpful to use educational databases; most information has already been thoroughly researched and cited to prove validity. However this information also sometimes requires a delay in publication to ensure it has been substantiated. Therefore depending or your project, some other additional resources may be needed for more up to date information. Educational databases and abstracts will give specific information pertaining to a particular subject. Statistics and visuals can also be found to assist with providing more detail about your topic.
The internet has become widely used for research, blogging, and news reporting. It allows for information to be reported quickly, but it can sometimes be difficult to determine legitimacy and accuracy. This has made online research done from common websites a huge challenge because sometimes it is hard to determine what has been substantiated and what has not. When researching information online, it is best to use