Journal: Space Exploration and Space Essay

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Investments on Space Exploration In the late 1950s, the United States had begun its exploration in space. The country has overcome many milestones since then including landing on the moon and entering other planet’s atmospheres. However, there has been a profusion of controversy about whether or not the government should continue to invest in space exploration and equipment. While exploring space offers new opportunities for advances in research and helps to ensure the planet’s safety, the money the government will spend on funding it will hurt the United States’ economy even more. With the government spending money on exploration, the nations’ knowledge about the universe and the possibilities of what can happen in the future is expanded. The country has gained a number of resources from space, including the resources they could possibly use in the future that are inside of asteroids, and having the money to go out and research has enabled explorers to find them. With the growing problem of energy sources running out, it is a great idea that the United States is looking for other ways to get the energy that doesn’t involve taking it from Earth. If the government were to stop giving space explorers money, these discoveries would not be possible. The world, and especially the United States, is better protected if people know what is going on outside of the atmosphere. The government giving space agencies money to make sure the people of the world are safe is a great investment. NASA wants to start programs that will help to make sure that asteroids do not pose any threat to humanity, but they do not have the money to do it. With funds from the United States, the chances of finding ways to avoid any asteroids coming in Earth’s direction would be increased. As far as intelligence goes for national defense, having the knowledge of how to control problems on the outer limits of Earth puts the United States in a stronger