The Three Pillars Of The United States

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Journal Two
The United States, also known as, “the home of the brave”, is a country that was born off the courage and fortitude of its’ people. We embody everything honest and honorable in a strong nation, due thanks to our robust government and highly established constitution. The growth of America has caused for inflation throughout these written regulations over time and the three pillars we rely on today for a successful government have evolved immensely. Religion, language and race became the prevalent nature for our new found nation. Religion, the first of these three commonalities, stated, that those who shared a nation, shared the same faith and furthermore had a select perceptive of the language that was spoken in that particular part of the country. Lastly, the third pier represented race; those who lived in the corresponding sector of the nation obtained the same racial characteristics; such as the Chinese, Indian, Mexican, etc.. Additionally, the country was regulated by a King that was placed into power by “God”. This monarch, had Devine Right for every occurrence throughout the country. Yet, when the constitution was constituted, the idea of popular sovereignty overruled. An influential segment of the constitution, to which America can be rightfully named, “the land of the free”, are the three pillars to which the government is built upon today; Popular Sovereignty, Rule of Law and Tolerance. Popular Sovereignty, being defined as a doctrine that gives power to the people in order to elect a representative that will carry out and respect their will. The constitution begins with the key words, “We the People” to illustrate the importance found in Popular