Essay on Journal: Venus of Willendorf and Statue

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Ebony Robertson
Week 1: Journal Entry
June 6, 2015
Carole Lormand

Venus of Willendorf The piece of art from the readings that interest me was the facts and information regarding the Venus of Willendorf. The Venus of Willendorf is an influential statue. This area piqued my interest because the statue is perceived as a symbol of fertility. Paleolithic cultures value the fruitfulness in women. The impact on artistic themes shift as cultures transform. I found it fascinating that the 11cm tall statue is great example of archaeology. The statue was found in 1908 near the city of Willendorf by a man named Josef Szombathy. The piece is carved out of limestone and red ochre. Later, many Venus figures were found that matched as a set for the piece of art. The Venus of Willendorf was one of the first pieces of artwork make to look human. The statue displays female breast, stomach, and virginal area. I believe the statue reflects the various differences in cultures by displaying progress and development. It is interesting how the artist made portions of the statue’s body look so related to a woman’s pregnancy. Some may feel that the statue represents obesity, but I feel fertility was an attractive trait in the past. The thickness of the woman size gave the piece a desirable look because reproduction is an important factor in life. An interesting fact about the Venus of Willendorf is that it lacks a face. I feel that since the object lacks a face, it is not a…